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MANICS 2! [26 Sep 2009|09:33am]
Another fantastic show last night. I was in almost the same spot (3rd row back, slightly to Nicky's right). Same set list except that in the acoustic interlude we got 'Small Black Flowers' and 'This is Yesterday'. After 'Small Black Flowers' James thanked us 'for being gentle and respectful'. It really was impressive that the entire venue hushed for the acoustic songs. And the crowd -- well, you hear that LA crowds are passive? Not for the Manics! The place was packed and the audience was totally into it. Two women in front of me had a Welsh flag that they held up for Nicky, who gave them a thumbs up.

We also got to hear Nicky tell us that JFPL was one of British Airways' featured albums for a while 'but then they took it off. Apparently they got a lot of complaints that "Jackie Collins Existential Question Time" was offensive. But they've still got the Coldplay album on there. How fucking offensive is that?'

And James introduced 'This Joke Sport Severed' by saying, 'Ehhh ... I did a demo of this while Sean and Nicky were off having their supper. They came back, listened to it, and said, "It sounds like fucking Coldplay, you fucking prick!"' [I love the way James said 'prrrick', honestly.]

[ETA: Nicky was wearing a Hole tshirt (cover image from 'Live Through This') under a white jacket. And the last song before they took the stage was 'For Lovers'. **loves**]

Also, one of my new favourite things is the way James sings 'lollipops' in LBN. Right up there with Nicky saying 'slutty' on the Everything Must Go DVD.

AND! James thanked us and said 'hopefully we'll be back for the next album!' which got an extremely loud cheer from the crowd.

I wore my 'if you tolerate this' shirt from Orphan Lyrics and got several compliments on it. I was hoping that since it was from the charity website it wouldn't make me that girl. Plus, it looks good on me. What?

Probably the best two gig-going nights of my life. Thank you, Manics, for being so superbly and completely wonderful.

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MANICS! [25 Sep 2009|01:01pm]
You guys, the show was SO AWESOME. I flew up to SF after work yesterday, bought the glitter, and got to the venue just as the opening band was wrapping up. So I ended up three rows back between James and Nicky, more on Nicky's side. I had a great view.

Set list courtesy of someone on the Manics forum who's good at remembering things in order:

1. Motorcycle Emptiness
2. No Surface All Feeling
3. Peeled Apples
4. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
5. La Tristessa Durera [hadn't really realised what a sexy song this is until I saw Nicky shaking his hips to it]
6. Jackie Collins Existential Question Time
7. Let Robeson Sing [James: 'If you're going to write a song about an American, it should be this one'.]
8. Faster
9. Everything Must Go
10. This Joke Sport Severed [started with James on acoustic, switched to electric]
11. From Despair To Where (Nicky dedicated it to City Lights Book Store in SF)
12. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
13. This Is Yesterday - acoustic
14. The Masses Against the Classes - acoustic [THIS WAS GREAT!]
15. Send Away The Tigers
16. You Stole The Sun
17. All Or Nothing --> into Motown Junk
18. Me And Stephen Hawking
19. Little Baby Nothing (James announced it as a 'soft metal classic')
20. You Love Us
21. A Design For Life

They sounded great. I was starting to write 'this one was great' after someone of the songs but they were all amazing. Acoustic 'Masses' was really astounding. You wouldn't think it would work that well but it totally did. I remain in awe of James's talent. His guitar playing is superb (and his guitars are sexy as hell. Go Gibson). And his voice!

I love that Nicky was singing along (off mic) to almost everything. They looked like they were having fun and there was much leaping around.

Then I went outside and waited, and fell into conversation with a Brit who was also there on her own. She was in SF on vacation and came to the show on a whim. She said she'd never be able to get close to the band in the UK as security is so tight, so despite being a fan for 15 years she'd never met them. So she was stoked to get her picture taken with Nicky. By me. So I hope it comes out for her.

AND HE LIKED MY GLITTER, YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I waited another 30 minutes for James. Why didn't anyone tell me he is a cuddly teddybear?! He is such a sweetheart. He seemed genuinely interested in connecting with everyone and took the time to chat with everybody for a minute and asked everyone's name. And did a doubletake when I said, 'I'll see you tomorrow!' Poor man.

On to the Avalon! 8 hours and counting down!

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[25 Sep 2009|10:10am]
The first thing Nicky said to me was, 'I like your glitter.'

I can die happy now.

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[13 Sep 2009|09:50am]
Whoa, I got really wrapped up with real life [the dreaded work!] and didn't go online for a week. Will try to catch up ... later. I still love you. Still going to see the Manics!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Less than 2 weeks now. I'd die from anticipation, but then I'd be dead and wouldn't be able to see them.

And guess who else is playing this area again in a couple of months? That's right-- Art Brut! WTF? This will be the 5th time I've seen them without having to travel anywhere. Jesus. It's a good thing I like them so much. Actually it occurs to me that this may be their proper tour after the 'residency' thing.

In short: life is busy. AND I LOVE THE MANICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[24 Aug 2009|10:01pm]
What the fuck, Maximo Park? Entire US tour cancelled 'for personal reasons'? These had better be some damn persuasive reasons. Not that I'm wishing actual tragedy on the band, just ... if it turns out to be cos they're tired *cough* dpt us fall 06 tour *cough*, I'll be pissed. Has one of them been arrested? You know, though, I'm leaning towards 'they didn't sell enough tickets to make it financially viable'.

Also, I had a hilarious (to me) dream about ... Art Brut! In the dream they were playing a festival in a stadium here and I remembered that Eddie and Jasper had invited me to dance on stage. 'Since we'll be in LA we're getting people to dress like Laker Girls!' said Eddie. So I proceeded to put on a shapeless tweed skirt that came below my knees and a sleeveless, baggy top and wander off to the stadium, where I walked around trying to convince security that they should let me backstage so I could see Art Brut and go on stage with them ('no, really, see, I'm dressed like a Laker Girl and everything!' *points to tweeds* Security: 'Uh-huh. No, you can't go in there'). Finally I saw Eddie and his beautiful gf and the rest of the dream was me riding around in a golf cart with them and Jasper. They all looked rather bemused that I'd actually showed up to dance, but amazingly enough, said nothing about my idea of what constituted a cheerleader outfit-- although beautiful gf did pour some water down my front to make the shirt clingier. Yes, it was one of those dreams that was all about getting ready for the performance without actually performing anything.

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[21 Aug 2009|10:18pm]
Okay, so I'm gone for SEVEN DAYS and the best Peter and Carl can do is Peter rambling on about getting a Carlos lookalike (one wonders what the audition process would involve) for the 2010 festival season? I'm disappointed, boys. Very, very disappointed. *shakes head gravely* Don't make me revoke your idgogayfor guest posting privileges!

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Out of town [14 Aug 2009|12:56pm]
I'll be offline for a week (!) starting in a couple of hours. This ensures that during the coming week Peter and Carl will run off and get married, or at least make beautiful music together. Don't say I never do anything for fandom.


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R.I.P. Les Paul [13 Aug 2009|11:01pm]
Les Paul dies at age 94.

Yes, children, there really was a man named Les Paul. He invented the solid-body guitar. This is important because solid-body guitars don't feed back when amplified so YOU CAN PLAY THEM LOUD AS HELL. Without Les Paul: no rock n roll!

Les Paul also invented multitrack recording (Brian Wilson just perfected it).

He was a true innovator and dedicated guitarist.

Here endeth the lesson in rock history. But do read the NY Times obit, it's a lovely tribute.

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Translation party meme [12 Aug 2009|11:20pm]
Meme from myska_x

- Go to http://translationparty.com/tp/
- Enter some song lyrics
- Post the resulting garbled messes to your LJ
- Have your hapless flist try to guess which songs they are from

I used all Manic Street Preachers songs to be different, and cos they're touring the US, think I might have mentioned that before.

1) The mummy, SEKKUSUPISUTORUZU [easy one!] opium_and_tea, 'Jackie Collins Existential Question Time'
2) Instead, drink, to get the desired results, our love cannons_at_dawn, 'A Design for Life'
3) Walk straight to emulate the dignity of yfli, 'From Despair to Where'
4) I was bored of you, I was choking
5) However, underachieve in the morning, I'm free, please see below: Please yfli, 'Send Away the Tigers'
6) We are closer to the love of winter cannons_at_dawn, 'The Masses Against the Classes'
7) We, and the purity of the snow is dirty, you can throw away cannons_at_dawn, 'Little Baby Nothing'
8) I am sorry for all yfli, 'Faster'
9) Feed their children have the freedom of speech cannons_at_dawn, 'Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My Children'
10) Rings, anniversary gifts

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Book meme [03 Aug 2009|01:55pm]
I did this on my facebook but thought I'd put it up here too, just for overkill. And also cos I don't really know why I put it on my almost completely unused facebook. Manics-inspired delirium?

Have you read more than 6 of these books? The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books here. How do your reading habits stack up?
Instructions: Copy this into your journal. Look at the list and put an 'x' after those you have read.

Gacked from myska_x, by the way.

BBC 100 BooksCollapse )

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How Do Bands Make Money Now? [30 Jul 2009|11:43pm]
I thought this piece from NPR was interesting, even if it does focus on the Posies.

15 years later and they still owe their first label money, or, why getting signed doesn't make you a millionaireCollapse )

From here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111172341

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OH MY FUCKING GOD!! [28 Jul 2009|09:54pm]
Sorry for the blasphemy but:

The Manics are touring the U.S.

I repeat:

The Manics are touring the U.S.!!!!!!!


warning: don't read the Pitchfork review quoted there. 1) it's motherfucking Pitchfork 2) it's shite.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

The Manics are touring the U.S.!!!!!!!

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[18 Jul 2009|11:52pm]
I very recently discovered that Carrie Brownstein* writes a blog for NPR. Niiice! Scrolling down past her ten posts explaining why she decided to spend 2 weeks listening to Phish (yeesh. this is why I'll never be a music blogger), I found this meme she started:

1. I've had to defend my love of _____________________ over the years.

2. As far as I'm concerned, ______________________ nearly ruined music.

3. On of my favorite bass players ever? That's easy: It's _______________________.

4. If I could go back in time and dance like crazy, crowd surf or join a mosh pit, I would do that at a ___________________ show.

5. If I were to frame one album cover and put it on my wall, it would be _______________________.

Carrie's answers:

1. Jackson Browne
2. Bono
3. Dave Allen, Gang of Four
4. Kleenex
5. The Pastels' Mobile Safari

I'm not as cool as she is, so mine are:

1. New Wave British invasion bands like ABC (they were good, dammit). I'll never defend Haircut 100, though.
2. Haha, Bono is a great answer, and very true. But since Carrie already used that one I'll go for ... AutoTune.
3. Nicky Wire
4. Nirvana. I really regret never getting to see them.
5. Hrrrm. Probably London Calling.

As always, I'd love to see your answers too!

*Goddess from the sadly defunct Sleater Kinney.

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GAH!! <-- in a good way! A very very very good way!! [14 Jul 2009|11:28pm]
EEEEEEEE! *is speechless*


Alt-rock kingpins the Pixies will make their live return to the U.S. this fall!

Frontman Frank Black tells SPIN.com that the Boston-born quartet will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking release, Doolittle, by playing the album in its entirety in Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, New York City, and "maybe Montreal" this fall.

Right, now I CANNOT LEAVE MY COMPUTER while I'm waiting for tickets to go on sale. I missed them in 2004 because tickets sold out in less than a day before I even knew they were coming *is lame*.


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The Hold Steady last night [08 Jul 2009|01:47pm]
Another great show! Not quite as transcendentally magnificent as the one in November but that's probably just because I was extremely psyched then to hear songs off the new album live. This show was still outstanding.

They took the stage to Pete Townshend's 'Rough Boys', which utterly cracked me up.

Set list:

Hornets! Hornets!
Sequestered in Memphis
You Can Make Him Like You [oh man, this one went down GREAT]
Navy Sheets
Banging Camp [I was stoked to hear this one live for the first time, I fucking LOVE IT]
Stay Positive
Constructive Summer
Multitude of Casualties [see above re: Banging Camp. WOOOOOO!]
Don’t Let Me Explode [and again! Fantastic!!]
Your Little Hoodrat Friend
One for the Cutters
Cheyenne Sunrise [this started the low point of the set for me]
Joke About Jamaica [Joke basically is Magazines all fucking over again. Yawn]
Yeah Sapphire
Lord, I’m Discouraged [things picked back up here]
Milkcrate Mosh [random obscure bonus track off 1st album. Huh? Still, it was a fun oddity and they enjoyed playing it]
Chips Ahoy [YEAH!]
How a Resurrection Really Feels [DOUBLE YEAH!! I love this song. She staggered into the Easter mass with her hair done up in broken glass / she was limping left on broken heels and she said father, can I tell your congregation how a resurrection really feels?]


Stuck Between Stations [!]
You Gotta Dance [!!!]
Southtown Girls [yeah, not so much]
Slapped Actress [can I get a FUCK YEAH?!]

My resolution for the next Hold Steady show, however, is to try to end up standing somewhere where the guy next to me/in front of me/behind me/ wherever doesn't actually stink of shit. Come on, fellows, are you trying to tell me you coughed up $20 for the ticket and $5 for that beer you're guzzling and you couldn't save 50 cents for a bar of soap? Yuck.

Bobby (drummer) bleached his hair, which was, yeah, whatever; and was wearing a t-shirt printed with a red white and black tuxedo design, which was so ugly it hurt. Galen (bassist) grew a beard, I think they must have been on tour too long. Tad looked healthy, though -- he had pancreatitis last year, it's the guitarists' disease. So he looked a lot better than the last time I saw them. He played like a demon, too. Finally, I think Craig's a little burnt out. We didn't get the 'there is so much joy in what we do' speech and during the part in 'Hoodrat Friend' where he usually goes off on a monster riff about starting the band, or growing up in Mpls, or whatever, he just kind of stood there. OH! I almost forgot! He actually played his guitar instead of just wearing it as an accessory. Yes, it was plugged in, you doubters. What with the voice lessons a couple of years ago and now this, in 5 or 10 years Craig might be an actual musician.

Heard outside after the show: young woman to male friend: 'Yeah, these people kept giving us [indicating attractive friend] backstage passes and trying to get us to come backstage.' Male: 'What? How come?!' Me: 'Cos they're hot chicks, you dolt! Jesus! They don't want you, listening to "Rough Boys" is the only homoerotic thing this band's ever done!'

In short: A+. If stolen I would attend this gig again.

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[01 Jul 2009|11:14pm]
Jesus, how'd I miss this last year?

NME Afterparty Feb 28 08

The source caption is 'Carl Barat playfighting at the NME after party at the Hoxton Hotel'. I love that they had to specify 'playfighting', not 'Carl tries to beat Didz up but is fended off by the stache'. Or 'Carl invites Didz to dance. Didz is stoked'.

More here-- scroll through or view thumbnails at the bottom of the page. Pix from the NME party 28 Feb 2008.

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Aww! [27 Jun 2009|09:55pm]
I remembered that sullen_hearts had told me that Eddie Argos was twittering about CDs people were giving him, so I tracked him down and found this tweet:

EddieArgos: Wow Big Star are pretty amazing. Again thanks to all the Replacement fans that have given me Big Star CD's

My conversation with him as I shoved the CD at him went in part like this:

EA: Oh (still managing to sound excited) someone else gave me a Big Star CD.
Pen: *crestfallen*
EA: But not this one! But I haven't listened to it yet anyway.
Pen: Well listen to them cos they're awesome.

See, my reasoning here was basically: Jesus, if he didn't hear the Replacements until he was 28 YEARS OLD what the fuck else has he missed?!

Anyway, Eddie, you are very welcome.

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Art Brut at Spaceland [19 Jun 2009|02:36pm]
So I saw Art Brut last night. They never change. This is a good thing! Although Eddie was wearing-- gasp-- jeans.

This was the smallest venue I'd seen them in; the club holds about 300 people, I think, and it wasn't full, although it was full enough. So that was good.

I caught about 2 songs by the first opener, Voxhall Broadcast. Not my thing. And Rumspringa's set. They're a guitar/drum duo. GREAT drummer, charismatic guitarist-- too bad their songs were monotonous. But hey, the 15 painfully hip and extremely pretty girls in front of the stage didn't seem to share my opinion, so what do I know?

After Rumspringa the painfully hip etc. group left, so I was able to sidle in and ended up, much to my surprise, in the front row almost directly in front of Eddie. I was actually aiming for the spot in front of Jasper but it was already taken. Fancy that. I'd forgotten what a big responsibility front row is, what with having to leap around, cheer wildly, and in general show the band that you're having a good time. Thankfully that's easy to do with Art Brut.

So yeah, another extremely fun show, and I even managed to talk to Eddie. Well, he made it easy by being outside the venue with his strikingly beautiful (Emily who?) girlfriend. And he didn't run away screaming when I handed him a CD. NO it wasn't my band's CD, sheesh you guys, I don't even have a band-- or any musical talent, although lack of talent hasn't proved a barrier to many people in the past. And I'm not even thinking of Glasvegas here (they are playing the States AGAIN this summer, by the way. I'll only forgive them if they bring Carl along again).

In short: Bang bang rock and roll!

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NME = shameless [15 Jun 2009|10:15pm]
Or, file under: things that make me laugh.

So I'm checking out NME.com, as one does until one realises oh fuck it's festival season, it's going to be nothing but 'Oasis plays songs!!11!!!' for the next three months, varying only slightly to 'Glasvegas plays things they say are songs and we believe them!!11!!!, when I see this headline:

Official Secrets Act serenade Carl Barat as they kick off festival season

and I think 1) who are Official Secrets Act and 2) what song did they dedicate to Carl?

And then I read the article and see 1) it doesn't matter who Official Secrets Act are, they've got a cute becheekboned boy and 2) the NME was really getting desperate for festival setlist update season to start and 2b) wow, do they love Carl, cos 'being serenaded' means 'Carl was in the audience'.

Note that the headline could have read 'Official Secrets Act serenade Drew McConnell' (and how the hell does Drew have time just to go to gigs when he's in 17 bands?!). But no.

Whoa. They're all working the cheekbones. Blue Steel!

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Tiller follow-up [02 Jun 2009|10:14pm]
I've made a donation to NARAL ProChoice America in Tiller's memory. Here's a link for anyone who wants to do the same. They also have volunteer opportunities.


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